Top 3 Questions About Using the Booster Switch

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The electrics for the hot water systems are very important in the winter months. As the days are much shorter, colder and the water going into the system is much cooler than usual it will need the electrics to top up the water in the system. Just a couple of hours of the booster being on can heat up the water but it is recommended to leave the booster on from the first days of cool weather

How do I turn on the booster switch?
Every Solahart system installed will have a switch in the meter box. Some systems will have an extra switch in the house as well. For the internal switch to work the circuit breaker in the meter box will need to be on.

Can leaving the booster switch on overheat my system?
Just like any hot water system, they are all fitted with a thermostat. The thermostat regulates the heating up of the water in the tank. So, after the water reaches the ideal temperature it will automatically switch off.
When the water cools down it will automatically turn it self-back on. Leaving the booster switch on will not hurt the system at all and is recommended. The water in the tank during the cold winter months can only reach double the ambient temperature of the day on solar alone.

Does the tariff I’m on affect my booster?
Yes, it does. All tariffs are available at different times of the day. The majority of homes are on tariff 31 or 33. Each day, Tariff 33 is available for at least 18 hours while Tariff 31 is available for at least 8 hours. The times of day that power is available may change from day to day and vary in duration. Tariff 11 is a general supply tariff, where you pay for what you use at a flat rate throughout the day and night, plus a daily supply charge (available 24 hrs a day). If you would like to know what tariff you are on simply check the back of your power bill.

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