Pool Heating

Stay in the pool longer!

Solahart solar power systems are among the most efficient in the world delivering more power for each watt installed.

Our systems are designed and engineered with every component carefully selected to meet Solahart’s stringent specifications, ensuring optimum performance and protection.

The Solahart Premium Plus range allows you to choose from a variety of systems, ensuring a match for your needs and budget. Our systems are designed to provide outputs ranging between 4500kwh and 8700kwh.

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heliocol pool heating

How Heliocol works

Helicol uses a natural way to heat your pool water by using the sun. So your not just having fun in the pool all year round you’re also saving the environment.

Helicol uses a pump to push your pool water through the Heliocol solar panels. The Water is heated as it travels through hundreds of little tubes through the solar pannels. The sun then warms the water inside the tubes, once this process is completed the water flows back into the pool.

Servicing of Pool Heating

We also service pool heating in our local area. 

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