Energy Saving Gadgets for your Home

Evolve shower - save energy
Are you looking to save as much energy as possible? Always turning lights and power points off? Here are some cool gadgets for your home to help ease your concerns of wasted power.

LED Light Bulbs

Now LED light bulbs seem like a pretty obvious one, but people don’t realise how much energy they really do save. For example, in comparison to traditional iridescent bulbs they use 75% Less energy, and last 25 times longer than iridescent bulbs. They also use 0 power when turned off whereas iridescent bulbs can use upwards of 60 watts.

Smart Sockets

A Smart Socket will plug straight into your regular socket – completely unnoticeable to a degree. The socket is designed to safely cut power to a item when it is in standby mode, and safely turn on again once your ready to use it. This is to avoid paying for energy we aren’t physically using, like TV’s, Computers, Radio’s, Dishwashers etc. when they are on standby or off.

ECO Chargers

The ECO chargers work similarly to the smart sockets, they are designed to cut power to your laptop, phone etc. as soon as it has finished charging to capacity. A Regular charger has electricity constantly flowing through them, whether your using them or not. This not only saves power but also prevents over heating and damage to your phone or computer.

Nest Learning Thermostat

With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you can Track and Adjust your temperature anytime and anywhere from your device. You can see how much power your using and the costs, meaning monitoring your power just got so much easier. The Nest adapts and programs itself to the season and more importantly your lifestyle within just 1 week. This smart thermostat will know when to turn up the heat before you get out of bed, and when your going off to work to turn it back to room temp.

Raven Smart Windows

You will no longer need to stress about closing the blinds to keep the heat in through the Winter, or the fear of losing your cool to the beaming rays of sun in the summer. The Raven Smart Windows have a Thermochromic filter incorporated, the filter activates when the exterior glass reaches the transition temperature. The film will block or let in solar heat, minimizing glare, and reduces the load on your heating systems.

Evolve Shower Head

The Evolve Shower head is the ultimate water saver and energy reducer. This evolutionary shower head increases your water pressure while reducing the amount of water you use, how incredible is that! This shower head even lowers the flow to a trickle until the water has reached your desired temperature.



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