Hot Water Servicing & Plumbing Support from Solahart Darling Downs

We understand that technology that works 24 hours a day, sometimes has issues. Solahart Darling Downs offer servicing on both hot water and solar hot systems. 

Of course we service all Solahart products however we also service Rheem, Dux, Saxon and other hot water systems. It doesn’t matter if we installed the system, we’re happy to help.

If you have an emergency call us immediately on 07 4632 1974 otherwise we’re happy to talk to you in business hours to assist.

If you’re without hot water we aim to get you back into hot water within 24 hours.

Emergency Service & Repairs

We’re here to help get your hot water back quickly. To make that possible, Solahart Darling Downs has plumbers on site around the clock. 

If your hot water system is leaking or you simply aren’t getting any hot water from your current system, we can help. 

Our emergency hot water service exists to provide fast and effective solutions when you need it most. For all types of faults, get in touch now for an emergency service. 

Call us immediately on 07 4632 1974.

Hot Water Servicing

You wouldn’t think about your solar hot water system until you’re midway through your shower and the hot water runs cold.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you we recommend that your system is serviced once every 5 years. A thorough service is vital as on every hot water system there are expansion control and pressure relief valves that over time wear out. There is also a sacrificial anode rod that attracts chemicals that are present in town water when it is heated. Over time this rod is supposed to break down so that these chemicals don’t eat away the inside of your hot water system.

Getting your system serviced regularly means that before the rods and valves break down, we can replace them so you can avoid those suddenly cold shower!

To book in a service for your hot water system, call us now on 07 4632 1974 or enquire below.

Solar Power Systems & Solar Batteries For Darling Downs

Solahart Darling Downs has plumbers on site around the clock for your convenience. Our plumbers are here to make sure your needs are met as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We know how unexpected plumbing issues can be, and how frustrating it can be to have no water flow or blocked sewers, so fast and cost effective are our two main priorities.

You can expect a full range of plumbing services from leaking taps to burst pipes and everything in-between. We are available all hours, catering to all your emergency needs. All members of staff are qualified, licensed plumbers, armed with the best equipment, meaning your job will be completed quickly and efficiently.

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