Service Booking Form - Solar Hot Water System

In order to ensure that you receive the maximum performance and longevity from your Solahart, it is recommended to service your system every 5 years.

Service details:

  • Replace sacrificial anode and hot water pressure relief valve
  • Replace LED display (split systems only)
  • Check the operation of the element, thermostat and H50 cold expansion valve (and replace if needed at an additional cost).
  • Check the level of heat transfer fluid/glycol in closed circuit systems.
  • Clean the glass on your solar panels and check all connections & valves on the system.

Note: After a 5-year service, you might experience some sediment coming through your taps. This is due to the breakdown of calcium from the anode that is disturbed when replaced.


Solahart J/K/CS/FH Series: $380

Solahart/Rheem Split System exc. LED Screen: $385

Solhart/Rheem Split System inc. LED Screen: $405

Solahart Powerstore or Heatpump: $350

Travel cost (Charged one way for services outside of Toowoomba): $3/km

Additional Parts if required:

Thermostat with adapter kit: $168

Element: $66

Element & Flange Kit: $191

Cold Expansion Valve (H50): $113

Tempering Control Valve: $150

Pressure Limiting Valve: $96

Bore Water Anode: $135

Freeheat Anode: $175

Thermostat: $85

Please note that we are happy to service NON-Solahart Solar Hot Water Systems however we may need to order special parts if ours aren’t compatible.

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