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Why you should service your Solar Power System regularly

Servicing work by Tom

Example of damaged solar panelYou have invested in clean, renewable energy with your solar power system and enjoy the savings that it provides.

Keeping your solar system maintained regularly will ensure it keeps providing you with energy savings for the long term.

As the Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton has previously said:

“You wouldn’t drive your car around for two or three years without taking it in for a service at some point. The same applies to your solar power system if you want it to stay in peak condition.”

Over time your solar system is subject to the elements and natural wear and tear.

Damage can come from events such as storm surges, lightning strike, hail and dust storms which can have an effect on multiple components of your solar system.

Performance can be reduced when panels are covered by dust and debris (leaves, bird droppings) or affected by hot spots. Any of these could be affecting your solar system without you knowing it.

Solar panel that has fire damageAt the extreme end of this we have what happened in NSW last year where 30 systems caught fire in November alone.

For peace of mind and to ensure the safety & longevity of your Solar Power System, we recommend having a Solar Power System Inspection completed by one of our solar accredited electricians annually.

We will look at all aspects of your system and provide you with feedback on the day, along with an inspection report.

If there are any issues identified, the technician will recommend the appropriate course of action and with your approval, get your solar system back into safe working order.

Don’t forget, there are always product and performance warranties that go with our range of solar products as well as the additional Solahart product warranty on selected panels and inverters.

This means if the company that produced those products are no longer around, Solahart will be there all the way to back up those warranties!

Click here to book your Solar Power system inspection or give our office a call on 4632 1974 to find out more.



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