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By Andrew Marsh

Everyone knows Solahart. We have been around for almost 70 years now.

But did you know that every Solahart dealer is locally owned?

Your Local Solahart Dealers in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs are Daniel and Beth Rodda. For them we are more of an extended family than employees.

One thing that sticks with me from when I first started working here is how they handled an issue with one of our pregnancies. For background, my wife and I have a blood incompatibility which means that we are in the hospital every other week for scans during pregnancy. When I mentioned this to Daniel and Beth, they told me if anything comes up “don’t bother calling them, just go.”

This mentality trickles down through the entire business, from the staff through to our customers.

We believe in being honest with our customers. You are not just a sale or an install but an actual person.

Dan and Beth Rodda, Solahart Dealers from Toowoomba Queensland.

Whether that means educating customers on the best way to use their hot water or solar power systems or simply recommending the best option for you instead of the biggest system that will fit or what will make us the most money.

A lot of our work comes from either repeat customers or referrals. James, for example, has been to 4 members of the same family for different systems. They weren’t all recommended the same system because that wasn’t what would work for that particular person.

Customers move houses, or own businesses in Toowoomba, or have rental properties and we are repeatedly asked to have a look at how we can help.

This is the type of relationship we hope to have with our customers. It is just that, A Relationship. How can we help you, not “give me your money.”

This February 14th we will be remembering and appreciating all of the relationships and love we have for our customers.

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