The Big Make Over

Over the last 5 months we have been doing some renovation in the warehouses to make everything more efficient for the tradies and of course to make it look better!

The building was built in the late 80’s and starting to look tired. In July 2021 Beth and Daniel Rodda officially bought the building and they have been excited to make changes and make it their own.

Our large warehouse used to be a coffee shop where we could get freshly roasted coffee beans daily before they moved out. To be honest, it was probably a good thing for us to cut down on our caffeine consumption.

After our lovely coffee shop owners moved out, we made it a storage room for all our plumbing equipment. With multiple rooms and limited storage space, the warehouse was not ideal for our growing needs. Daniel was finally able to demolish all the walls and make it a big open space perfect for storage with easy forklift access.

Once the walls were removed and the tiles were jackhammered up, it was time for the whole team to get in and help paint. Now the warehouse stores the majority of our stock including solar power panels, inverters, batteries, racking, solar hot water tanks and collectors.

Our tradies are very pleased with the change as they can easily access the stock required for our daily installations. It has also made stocktake & deliveries a much more efficient process and we are very pleased with the result!

Our second warehouse/shed has always been a crowded space where we used to keep everything related to Solar Power. Despite having an upstairs department for extra storage, we struggled to keep our stock organised & accessible.

After a few big days of getting everyone in to help empty the shed of all stock and inventory, we were finally able to see how much valuable space we had. The walls and floor got a fresh layer of paint, and an abundance of shelving was installed. The shed has now transitioned into the perfect storage room for all our spare parts and warranty items.

Inside the Solahart Darling Downs warehouse showing racking and forklift



Jamie Rodda

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