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We have seen a massive increase in people buying and installing solar power and hot water systems since the COVID pandemic.
Power usage has increased with people working from home or being part of the lockdowns which have taken place down the range.

This is great for everyone. Families reduce their bills and the Darling Downs get more green power, helping to reduce Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels.

The biggest trend we have seen during the pandemic is that people are more likely to pay cash for a system than use finance of any kind.
Whether because you haven’t been able to go out and have had excess money or because the money that you have had in your account has been put towards reducing expanses, I don’t know but either way Interest Free options like ZipMoney have fallen out of favour.

With interest rates rising, home loans getting bigger and rent increasing there is no better time to keep the money in your account and take advantage of the interest free options that are available.

Whether you’re looking to install solar at your home or your business our partner, ZipMoney, has something to suit.

For an initial system price of $6000 your repayments would only be $25.30 per week.

What happens with an application?

Everything is done online now so:

We send you an SMS and Email with the application link and help you through the application. We do a lot of them, so we find it straight forward and have answered all of the questions you may have before.

They will ask all of the normal questions such as, where are you living, how long have you been living there, where are you working, etc.

They ask for a copy of your bank statement and there are several ways to do this which we can guide you through while there.

At the end you click the big button saying “Get My Decision”

What Fees are there?

There is a $99 establishment charge which is added onto the account after approval.

Zip also has a $7.95 monthly account keeping fee while there is a balance remaining. This means that if you pay the system out early, which you absolutely can do, you don’t keep getting charged the monthly amount.
After 60 months this means that you would have paid $576 more than if you bought the system outright.


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  • For Solahart Purchases up to $30k
  • Up to 60 Months Interest Free
  • Easy simple application and apply in minutes
  • Flexible Repayments that you can manage yourself on your Zip App
  • Zip Customer Support team here in Australia. Phone 1300 947 729 option 1

You can apply at the link below.


Zip Money for business clients


Trade and Trade +


  • Unsecured Business Loans up to $500k
  • Repayments Up to 5 years
  • Flexible Repayments
  • Draw-down fee and interest applied only to drawn funds
  • No establishment Fee
  • Interest Only option of up to 6 Months

Please contact Andrew and team who will send you a personal link.



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