Andrew Marsh

Role: Residential Specialist
Andrew is one of our Sales Consultant. He has more than 5 years experience with us and is passionate about solar and technology.
Role: Sales consultant – 5 years and counting Andrew values honesty and enjoys learning. He does his best to show you exactly what you can truthfully expect from a system. He likes to explain how the systems works, how best to take advantage of it. Andrew prides himself in Finding the RIGHT solution for his customers. Not what everyone else has said but what will actually work. A few things from Andrew himself: “outside of work, I’m a dad, I have a lovely wife to keep my love of new technology from getting out of hand. 4 kids, oldest 9 and the youngest just turned 1. I’m a local to the Helidon area, and have been with Solahart Darling Downs for 5yrs. I have been a consultant all the time I have worked here. I have a 10kW solar power system and a 302CS on my roof. What I like best is that my wife has taken full ownership of it and the power usage in the house, thanks in part to the smart home I made, to cut down our reliance on the grid and also to bring our power bills from $1000 per quarter to $120 per quarter, even with a ducted aircon running 24/7.
Andrew Marsh, Energy Specialist at Solahart Darling Downs


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