Service Booking Form - Solar Power (PV)

In order to ensure that you receive the maximum performance and longevity from your Solar Power System, it is recommended by the Clean Energy Council that the system is inspected every 12 Months.

Service details:

  • Our Qualified electrician will check the integrity and performance of the system
  • Check all DC isolators (Roof and Wall)
  • Check the panels with a Thermal Camera to make sure there are no hotspots within the solar cells
  • The inverter will be checked for correct production as well as cabling and wiring
  • NO parts are changed in this service, but if we find a part that needs to be changed you will be notified on
    the day (an extra cost will be incurred for the parts and quoted at this time)
  • A report will be provided (upon payment) of your safety inspection to keep for future reference

Please see pricing below:
Solar Power system inspection: $275
Travel cost (charged one way for services outside toowoomba): $3.00/km

At an additional cost we can provide a panel cleaning on the same day:
Up to 12 panels = $120
Up to 24 panels = $165
25 or more panels to be quoted

  • Authority to Proceed:
    You are not required to be home for the service, although if you would like to be, please specify below:
  • Note: All parts remain the property of the Toowoomba Solar Centre until payment is received in full.
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