What’s New in the Solar World

Solar windows

Solar Energy has come a long way, from the solar-powered calculators of the 1980s to the solar technology that drives the earth.

Here’s a little look into what’s latest and what’s to come.

Roof Skins: Although solar panels are efficient, they are not especially good-looking. The Boston design company, Sistine Solar, is seeking to improve this by creating solar skins that tailor the panels to suit the original look of the building.

Windows: An electricity-generating coating, that doesn’t affect visibility is available for your windows. It produces the worlds smallest solar cell, that’s a quarter of the size of a grain of rice.

Fabrics: solar textile tech has grown over the last decade, whilst wearable solar gadgets have been around for a while. A new breakthrough has concluded that tiny solar panels can be stitched into fabric and used in clothing and things like curtains.

Roof Tiles/Skins: Tesla have been huge influences in the solar industry for a long time now from the tesla car to their Tesla Powerwall’s, they are always pushing the limits and possibilities. Now a couple of years ago Telsa came out with one of the most exciting advances in the industry. The Tesla Roof Tiles, they operate the same way as solar panels but are resistant to adverse weather, don’t require bolting down, and overall look fantastic. They also ramped up the sales for the Tesla Solarglass last year, and we always assume there is more to come from them.

Paint: A product still in the works is a paint that holds soluble electronic materials, that can generate electricity. Unfortunately, traditional paint still has better longevity and weather resistance, but the current efficiencies of it may make it worthwhile. This was created at the University of Newcastle, right here in Australia.

Canopies: if your wanting to create a unique look and generate some power at the same time, investigate carports, veranda roofs, and pool canopies with frameless or glass on glass panels. This puts lost space to good use.



Tamika Brettell

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