Craig from Esk

Had the salesperson attend. We picked out an area (west facing). Quote was received and we went ahead with it. We were quoted on the Solarhart Atmos 325 litre. We were called and advised that the product we were quoted on does not have the Touchscreen LED controls, nor did it have the fan unit mounted on top (as per We were given a choice of going down to the 270ltr with a $300 discount, or keeping with the 325ltr unit with no LED controls, and the fan unit on the side. I elected to keep the current 325ltr unit, as it suited our needs, and the LED controls were not important to me. I was given a $50 dining voucher to be used at Another Life Coffee for the inconvenience. I’m all good with that. Electrician and Plumber were friendly and courteous and all went along well. Just ensure that wherever you place the unit, it should be North facing, as ours is facing West.
Craig from Esk
October 2021
Solar power installation in Esk by Solahart Darling Downs

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