Inverters suitable for commercial solar installations

We recommend you use only the very best inverters for your solar power system.

Our experience with many different solar products over the years allows us to design the optimal system for your business including performance and durability. 

The inverters we recommend are SolarEdge and ABB due to their high performance, durability and warranties. 

Here are some comparisons on available inverters:   

What inverters do Solahart recommend? GoodWe ABB SolarEdge
Where are they engineered? China Italy Israel
Do we supply their single-phase inverters? Yes Yes Yes
Do we supply their three-phase inverters? No Yes Yes
Are they suited to domestic installations? Yes Yes Yes
Are they suited to commercial installations? No Yes Yes
What is the available inverter size? Up to 5kW Up to 100 kW Up to 100 kW
What is the warranty period of the inverter? 10 years 10 years 12 years
What is the warranty period of the optimizer? N/A N/A 25 years
What type of monitoring is available? Screen (optional online) Online/Smart Phone Online/Smart Phone
Is consumption data available? No Optional Standard
Is individual panel performance available? No No Yes
Can faulty panels be replaced with mismatched panels? No No Yes
Are the inverters battery ready? Optional Optional Yes
Are firmware updates available remotely? No. Service call. Yes Yes
Are the inverters tolerant of shade? No No Yes
Is the system tolerant of non-standard roof layouts? No No Yes, roof design friendly
Can system faults be diagnosed remotely? No No Yes
Is the inverter Electric Vehicle charger compliant? No No Yes
Is the Manufacturer a listed company on a Stock Exchange? No No Yes
Can the inverter control smart home appliances for home automation? No No Yes
Does the inverter have a fault detection system to protect the home in case of events such as panel level fire? No No Yes/Remote

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